Team Mission Statement

Maine Task Force One (ME TF-1) is a state disaster response asset under the Metropolitan Medical Response System and the Department of Homeland Security. Locally the team is managed by the Maine Emergency Management Agency. The mission of ME TF-1 is to deploy to augment first responders and first receivers during moderate to large scale incidents by providing field level medical care to those patients with moderate to minimal injuries. In addition ME TF-1 can also be deployed to provide medical support during mass gatherings and public health emergencies or to provide medical force protection and rehabilitation to other response agencies.

Team members

ME TF-1 is comprised of health care professionals from all disciplines (MD, PA, RN, Paramedic, EMT, Pharmacist) as well as support personnel who are subject matter experts in emergency medicine and disaster medicine.

Unique Mission Capabilities

In addition to the above capabilities, ME TF-1 has the ability to respond to and provide the following specialized support and resources:

  • Tactical Medical Support
  • Medical Response to Incidents Involving Structural Collapse
  • Pharmaceutical Force Protection during Hazardous Material Spills and Chemical Incidents
  • Support to State Agencies
  • Wilderness Search and Rescue


ME TF-1 deploys fully self sufficient and is capable of providing field level patient care as well as providing medical force protection for task force members as well as those first responders working with the task force. The equipment cache includes:

  • Zumuro inflatable shelter that can be heated and cooled
  • Patient monitoring equipment
  • Communications equipment
  • Pharmaceutical cache
  • Patient movement and extrication equipment
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